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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing - Digital First Campaigns

McCrossen is a San Antonio based full service Internet marketing and consulting agency. We are veteran owned and operated with over 5 years of experience with small and medium business enterprises across the United States.

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Why McCrossen is your best choice for Internet Marketing Consulting & Services?

  • Award Winning Agency
  • Certified Internet Marketer (CIM)
  • Internet Marketing Association’s Founding Six Circle of Influencers Member
  • AdWords Certified
  • Bing Ads Accredited Professional
  • 100% client satisfaction
  • Data driven campaigns updated regularly
  • Regular executive meetings
  • Frequent internet and third-party reporting
  • Collaborative partner relationship
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Internet Marketing Campaign+

A complete Internet marketing strategy provides our clients’ with the most opportunities for revenue generation and brand awareness. We assist with market research, planning and execution where asked.

Most clients prefer a collaborative approach via regular marketing meetings to refine the strategy over time while we work day-to-day on the technical tasks.

What’s the “+” mean? Let’s be transparent; our focus will be on Internet marketing, but we ensure our clients understand we’re going to engage in marketing activity that generates business. If that means direct door mailers, radio or TV in connection with Internet marketing so we achieve the right marketing mix, frequency and reach; it’s what we need to do.


  • Webdesign – User Experience Optimization & Mobile Experience Compliance
  • Pay Per Click Management (AdWords, etc.)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing (Including ad spend)
  • Off-line Marketing Integration (Concurrent traditional marketing)
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Video & Content Marketing
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Search & Social Marketing

A targeted search and social marketing campaign focuses on generating leads from search and social media. This leads strategy focuses on ranking a mix of low and high competition keywords over time while running an aggressive PPC campaign to produce leads.

Most clients who select this smaller digital campaign are cost conscious, small business or startups. The relativity inexpensive costs with this type of marketing provide the targeted lead generation solutions necessary to drum up business without committing to big marketing efforts.

We tend to recommend this campaign for seasonal businesses and startups to ensure they make the most from their marketing spend. There are no hidden costs in our agency. We charge a flat fee for advertising creation, management and on-going optimization while your credit card is billed directly from the vendor (Google, Bing, Yelp, etc) for the actual ad spend. Fair and transparent, immediate results and access to third party data!

  • Webdesign – User Experience Optimization (Unless your website is well optimized)
  • Pay Per Click Management (AdWords, etc.)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing (Including ad spend)
  • Reputation Management (Reviews vendors)
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Brand Advocates

A brand advocacy Internet marketing strategy leverages your social signals and engagement from existing brand followers. With targeted creatives and messaging we are able to increase your brand awareness from your existing work. Via social media platforms we will acquire new followers and turn many existing customers into advocates. While not as aggressive as a search lead campaign, you will see leads from social media channels.

Clients who opt for this scope of work are both large and small businesses. Some clients simply need our access to automation, and save on the expenses by outsourcing social media communications. Other clients don’t have the time to curate their existing social media channels and need help.

We provide our clients the bulk of the video, graphics and content for posting. However we require content such as new releases, employee milestones, business achievements and more to balance out the promotional messaging with brand engagement messaging.

  • Webdesign – User Experience Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing (Includes ad spend)
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Promotions and Loyalty Plans Consulting
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